Online Classes

Are you interested in discovering more, digging deeper, and seeing the Torah through a Jewish perspective? Do you have questions, and are searching for answers?Join Ariel for intriguing live, interactive, and personal teachings each week through the online program Oovoo, to learn the secrets of Torah and Chassidism.

Teachings Abroad

Seminars Outside of Israel: Invite Ariel to give a course or seminar in your community on a wide variety of Hebraic Roots and Torah subjects.

Bring Ariel to speak for your tour group: Will you be visiting Israel on a tour, and want to enhance your journeys with powerful Torah teachings? Ariel can come to your group’s hotel or location, or you can plan a stop at Beit Torah Ohr for a specialized class.

Study-Tours :  Come and stay with us at Beit Torah Ohr for Ariel’s study tours. Enjoy the home’s comfortable accommodations and cozy atmosphere while experiencing Torah intensive days of teaching, prayer and unique Biblical tour sites usually not covered on a conventional tour.


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