HaChayim Fund & HaShalom Fund

Because of our integrity and the effectivity

Because of the blessings and the prayers

HaChayim Fund

A. Help with Medical ExpensesSome families need a sum of money for a one-time medical expense; others require ongoing assistance due to a family member’s chronic condition. It is first verified whether the family is eligible for assistance from the Ministry of Health. If so, Ha’Chayim Fund helps the family receive what their situation requires. Ha’Chayim Fund also helps finance urgent operation, flights to hospitals abroad, medical treatments and the purchase of medication. Ha’Chayim Fund likewise pays for orthopedic splints, special glasses, wheelchairs, hearing aids and more.

B. Subsidizing Therapy Often, needy families have suffered a series of crises. They lack food because the father is unemployed. The father cannot hold a job because he suffers from depression and is prone to outbursts. Any money that comes into the house is immediately “consumed.”In most cases, the children are neglected and live in constant fear. Because of their traumatic experiences, emotional help is due. Sometimes, the parents are preoccupied with their own needs, and the children fall between the cracks.  In such cases, it is crucial that an authorized professional be consulted. Medical assistance during a breakdown can rehabilitate the head of the family and set him back on his feet. Mediation between parents and psychological treatment for a child who survived a fire are just some examples of situation where professional intervention is necessary.

C. Social services- There are cases where a mother is unable to manage her household appropriately due to emotional or physical disability. The children live amidst squalor and neglect without any order or daily schedule. No meals are served; there is no wakeup or bedtime; no one washes dishes or does laundry; the children know nothing of basic hygiene. In such a situation, financial support and assistance to the homemaker are mandatory. An experienced counselor is sent to the dysfunctional home to train the mother how to run a home. She serves as the woman’s listening ear while offering practical instruction; helping her draw up a schedule, delegate chores and implement changes.

D. Assistance for failing students In some cases, a child is doing poorly in school, and the school insists that the child’s continued attendance is conditional upon his receiving outside help. The parents want to help their child, but where will they find 400 shekels a month for private tutoring when they have a paltry salary of 4000 shekels a month? Torah Ohr pays for mentors and private tutors for these failing students, thereby preventing the development of a new generation of dysfunctional adults.

E. Monthly Aid- Needy families receive monthly financial stipends for purchasing basic staples. In most cases, the family is grappling with a difficult situation: a parent has passed away or is suffering from a disability/disease; a child is afflicted by a genetic disease, etc.

F. Coupons To ensure that the money serves its intended purpose and is not “consumed” improperly, many families receive coupons rather than cash. Sometimes, the head of the family has trouble budgeting properly. Through Ha’Chayim Fund, Torah Ohr deposits money with a local supermarket and gives the family coupons for a corresponding sum redeemable at that store. The money is used only for staples, to ensure that the family’s children will not go hungry if the money is used to repay debts.

G. Food box distribution for feasts Yearly, before each feast (Sukkot, Passover, Shavuot, Purim and Hanukkah), Torah Ohr’s project Ha’Chayim Fund distributes basic household items and food boxes directly to the doors of underprivileged families. Each needy family receives items valued at 200 – 500 NIS, depending on the number of family members.

H. Renovations- There are some scenes you cannot begin to imagine until you actually see it: walls covered with mildew and mold, disintegrating kitchens, broken sinks that have water dripping into the cabinets, faucets that have been leaking, blocked toilets, sewage that overflows on a steady basis, broken floor tiles, and more. In case like these, Ha’Chayim Fund helps subsidize renovations.

HaShalom Fund

Assistance for orphans and widows – The Shalom Fund Project provides financial assistance, tuition discounts, and private tutoring for dozens of orphans and widows. Torah Ohr through the Shalom Fund bears the responsibility for inquiring into the livelihood of these suffering individuals, and guarantees utmost discretion in all matters of aid. In addition to financial assistance, the Shalom Fund Project extends spiritual and emotional support to each and every recipient, reviving those oppressed in spirit.

Food box distribution in honor of ShabbatEvery day, approximately 150 food boxes containing two loaves of bread, two liters of milk and cheeses are distributed to needy families. Each Thursday, special food boxes are given containing fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and grape juice in addition to the daily box enabling poor families to prepare for Shabbat.