My dearest brother (Ariel)…. What a wonderful time I had finally getting to meet you in person. Your teachings have always been very enlightening, but the messages you brought to us here in Longview were, at least for me, life changing. I still have many question, but need more time to \”chew on\” the bread of Abba\’s Words as you have presented them.
The \”Song of the land\”continues it\’s melody in my heart and in my home, day and night, and I can feel the Shalom of the Almighty cover us.
Shalom achi,
Bill I…
Ein Od Milvado



Sunday night we had the opportunity of sitting at the feet of R’ Ariel Klimer… I am always blown away by R’ Klimer and his Hebraic understanding of fire & light and all things really…

Johnson. New Zealand


My dearest friend from Israel Ariel Klimer.  He is one of the most gifted bible teachers I have ever known and an amazingly humble man.  Please take a moment to look at his website and join a teaching from a Hebraic mindset.  His unique ability to explain and teach a deeper insight into the scriptures, is a true blessing.   So happy Ariel to see this ministry developed.   Sending you so much support and love.   Prayers my friend!   Teresa Ann