My desire is to do something different and unique, whose purpose is to bring true blessing to the world. For the past two years I searched for a successful formula, an approach both practical and simple, which effectively aims our acts of charity at the Creator’s true intentions for the mitzvah of tzedakah (charity), in the deepest and purest sense. I sought a method that will also generate plentiful bounty on those among the nations who truly bless Israel. I searched, and I found.

Torah Ohr operates directly for the benefit of needy people in different aspects, and we essentially cooperate with organizations who operate in holiness and purity, righteousness and truth, truly unique to them in this world; whose employees and managers are devoted and submissive to their spiritual leaders, righteous people who dedicate each moment of their lives (from birth to old age) to God and His People Israel. Through them and by their help Torah Ohr verifies the neediness of the recipients, and financial stipends they receive are carefully determined based on the family’s socioeconomic situation, its unique needs, and the number of family members.

The Mission of Torah Ohr regarding charity and humanitarian aid include all the provisions in the linked articles. Torah Ohr operates by giving charity to needy recipients who are engaged in spiritual and physical activities for God and the nation of Israel’s sake. This turns the donors into partners in everything the recipients do; partners in every mitzvah (commandment), prayer, action, study, and unique and blessed activity of each of these needy individuals, many of whom are experiencing major crisis. Each of the supporters of Torah Ohr is assured of blessing in this world and in the World to Come.

“Open your hand to the poor and needy kinsman in our land (the Holy Land) .

[Deut 12:11]